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Quick guide for your virtual visit

Thank you so much for booking your appointment with me. To make the entire process seamless and get the most out of your appointment, we have answered some of the appointment specific questions below:

How do I prepare for my visit?

Step 1: Set up your account via Add your credit card for paid visits.
Step 2: Before your reserved time, fill out electronic paperwork by going to your account or clicking on the ‘Fill Out Intake Form’ link in your email.
Step 3: At your appointment time, visit the zoom meeting link emailed to you. If you cannot find it in your main inbox, check you spam mail or contact us.
Step 4: Click on the link to enter your video consultation. If you use the zoom app, enter the program code instead.
Step 5: Allow any pop-ups and give access to camera/microphone. We will again ask you to give consent for the call.
Step 6: Wait for your call to begin.

What device should I use?

A laptop/desktop with a webcam/camera and microphone gives you the best view of the exercises and other content we use. A tablet or phone will work just as well for your first connection. Use what you are most comfortable with and we can discuss any needed changes in your first visit.

You can also use Zoom app on your devices for the best experience. There are videos about it at You can test your setup ahead of time by visiting before your appointment.

Who can I call if I have problems?

We all know online video sessions are not without their problems! There are many variables that can disrupt even the most well-planned call! Try switching off any streaming services around you like Netflix or Hulu. If you are having difficulty, contact me, and I will walk you through the process.

We will call you via +1-604-839-0657 if we notice any problems or cannot see you online at the allotted time.

Any other tips for video-chat?

Yes, here are a few:

  • Use a pair of headphones to begin the session or keep them close by. These will solve a lot of audio issues.
  • Angle your camera so I can see you or any relevant body part during exercise.
  • Give yourself lots of space! In case you need to show movement.
  • Place your device at a suitable height to allow you freedom of movement.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Proper lighting in front of you to see you clearly. I will tell you if I’m having trouble seeing you.
  • Don’t feel bad if things go wrong. This is a new service for all of us in Canada and we are working out how it works best. You will not be charged if something stops you from having a quality visit.

What happens after my appointment?

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with videos of all your exercise and education materials 

How do I access my exercises?

There are two ways you can do so.

  • Click on the link in your email and enter the program code. That’s it!


What if I have questions about my exercise?

There are two ways you can reach you to your practitioner. Either way can be used to your preference.

  • From your email, click the link and enter the program code. Once you log in, click on Messages and start typing.


  • From your PhysiApp, click on Messages and start typing.

See for screenshots. This portal allows us to text securely. Feel free to reach out to me any time!

When do we follow-up to see if I am getting better?

During your first visit, we can discuss your goals and create a treatment plan specific to your needs. After your visit, with exercises sent to you, I will track your progress with all the information you enter. Within 1-2 weeks, I will reach out again to see how you are feeling and whether it is time to schedule a follow-up appointment. During the entire process, you can reach out anytime when you feel ready to change your exercise plan or have additional concerns.

How do I pay?

If there is a credit card on file, we will charge you directly within 5 business days after sending you the exercise plan. You can also pay via Interac during your physiotherapy session.

We will email you a receipt as soon as we charge you. You can file this detailed receipt with your insurance company for reimbursement.

How do I ensure there is a credit card on file?

  • Log into and sign into your account.
  • Go to “Credit Cards on file” from the side navigation.
  • Click Add A New Card.
  • Enter your credit card details and click save.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You need not a credit card for free consultations or if you plan on paying via Interac during your physiotherapy session.

What if I have more questions?

Just contact me directly, setup a free consultation, or contact us with brief description of your questions or concerns. I will reach out to you within 1 business day.