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What to expect during your First Online Physiotherapy or Telerehab Appointment

    Electronic devices used for video chat

    Your first online physiotherapy appointment will be a breeze. We will send you instructions for next steps and an intake form for your background medical history. There’s also a link what we will use for video chat (typically zoom but if you prefer something else like a phone-call or facetime, we can work with that). This call is more than enough to understand and figure out the next steps. Afterwards, we send you a treatment plan and, when needed, setup follow-ups.

    If you are unsure whether we treat your condition or have questions regarding virtual visits, please send us a message. We would be happy to talk with you to figure out whether this is the right mode of treatment for you.

    If you are seeking a online physio consultation for education or professional advice, we recommend you give us a call on (778) 658-6949 or email us. First video appointments are 60 minutes long to ensure we understand your condition. Most follow up appointments lasts 30 minutes to show a progression of exercise and modifications to your exercise program. In rare cases, you will need 1 hour follow up might for more complex cases.

    Once you have booked the appointment, you will receive a welcome package via email within 24 hours. This package has all the electronic paperwork. Completing them beforehand will allow more time to focus on your concerns.

    On the day of your online physiotherapy appointment, we will email you a link. Clicking on the link will start the video call. You may need to give permissions for your camera and microphone. There will also be instructions on how to use an alternate mobile app for video chat.

    Please be prompt during your reserved time to ensure you benefit the most from your appointment. If this is your first time, join five minutes early to test your setup. All you require is quiet space, access to internet connection, and a device with a camera and microphone. We suggest placing your device on a surface at a suitable height to allow yourself some freedom to move around and perform exercises. Having a mat close by could be handy.

    During your online appointment, your physio will ask you questions related to your situation, answer your questions, request you to perform some movements, and conduct a thorough examination. If needed, we will show exercises on your screen and provide relevant education.

    Based on your goals, we will develop a plan of care. Within 24hours, you would receive a complete home exercise program and handout material to help you get started towards your path of recovery. Your physiotherapist will check in with you to track your progress and schedule a follow up appointment when required. If at any point you have questions or concerns, reach out to us or schedule a follow up.

    We will charge you for payment only after sending you a complete exercise plan. A receipt will be sent so that you can file it with your insurance company. If we find that online therapy is not suitable for your needs, we will assist you with finding provider that matches your needs.