Online Physiotherapy & Telerehab Consultation in the times of Covid-19

Person using online physiothreapy

If you are wondering about receiving a online physiotherapy sessions from a comfort of your home, and avoiding travel or a lengthy wait list, telerehabilitation may be your answer.

Many medical professionals have been using telehealth services for a while. Think doctors, mental health therapist, speech-language pathologists, and so on. Online physiotherapy, also called Telerehab or Telerehabiliation, has recently gained traction in providing services to patients unable to access in-person clinics.

Evolution of technology such as audio and video conferencing, electronic medical charting, online payment, access to medical records, transfer of records from different disciplines, among others, is enabling physiotherapist to give the same level of exceptional care online to patients, substituting regular office visits.

Although it would be great to treat every condition online, few treatments are better served by in-clinic visits. You can find these when you converse with your physiotherapist and help you decide the best approach for you. Overall benefits outweigh the risks. Evidence (linked below) has shown that remote delivery of physiotherapy services, using modern electronic communication technologies, to be effective and efficient. It allows for flexibility in hours and minimizes geographical restrictions. Telehealth lets you have better access to healthcare providers with unique skill sets.

It’s fascinating to see the diverse ways in which technology is transforming healthcare and better serve the public. Why not be more forward-thinking, resilient, and open-minded to trial new models of care delivery and experience best patient care a provider has to offer? Talk to a licensed physiotherapist about getting physiotherapy at home today.

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